Blog post #5!

Yay! Titan 21 night was a success! We had a table set up for 45 minutes and ended up gathering 16 cards/letters! We had feedback from multiple parents, teachers, and other students. One member of the community told us that she greatly appreciated our project because her son is about to depart to Afghanistan in January. We had other teachers that said they would catch us during the school day to turn in their letter. A large majority of students decided to draw Christmas cards which we thought was a cool idea! Right now we are sitting outside the cafeteria for our first day of the lunch room campaign! We have been set up for about 1o minutes and have had 4 students come out. It means a lot to us that students are willing to take time out of their lunch time to participate. We look forward to the rest of our project. See you next time.


4th blog post

It has only been a week since our last blog post, so not much has changed. With that being said, we have however accomplished hanging up the posters outside the lunch room and set the first date to launch our lunch time campaign. With the way the scheduling works as of now for our 20 time Fridays, we will be able to set the table up on November 18th and take it from there. We still plan on participating in Titan 21 night which is on November 15th. Up until then, we will be prepping our display for Titan 21 night as well as our table for the lunch room, with our supplies needed. Printer paper, markers, and colored pencils are our needed materials to make this project a success. Our announcement on Titan Radio is expected to air sometime soon so have your ears open for that! Until next time! Happy Halloween 🙂

Blog post 3!

Welcome back! We are so excited about the progress we have made in our campaign and for what the future holds! Today, we have spent the class time making posters to draw attention to our project. We have made three posters, one of which we will hang on the table outside the lunchroom. These poster talk briefly about the purpose of the letters and provide instructions on where to write the letters (outside the lunch room and at Titan 21 night). Our group committed to participate in the Titan 21 night coming up in November. We are hopeful that many faculty, students, and community members will stop by our display and write a letter! We have also accomplished writing a short, informative script that will be read on Titan Radio for the next couple of weeks. One of our project members is going to get in touch with a member of the radio team to make this happen. See ya next week!  img_63931

2nd blog post

In the next up and coming weeks, we will start making posters to advertise our project around the school. Our posters will include a brief summary of our project and how the students and faculty can participate in our campaign. We will hang the posters outside the cafeteria to catch the attention of everyone entering the cafeteria and also in the main hall. We are also planning on bringing in a couple of shoe boxes where participants can drop off their cards and letters once we launch the campaign. Another advertising strategy we have in mind is to meet and discuss our project with members of Titan Radio to hopefully air our project on the radio. This way, awareness of our campaign will reach all members of the student body. Our goal is to launch the campaign outside the lunchroom, towards the end of October, and collect the letters during the  weeks to follow. This way our troops will receive the letters and cards during the holiday season.

First blog post

Welcome to our 20 time blog! Our goal of this project is to send thoughtful letters of encouragement to soldiers serving our country. We plan on collecting letters from students, faculty, and beyond and sending them to the A Million Thanks company who will then send them out to the brave soldiers. We had a variety of suggestions and questions that were replied to us after our presentation. We had a couple suggestions that involved advertising. Some possibilities that were expressed by our classmates were to spread the word by means of Titan radio and Titan 21 night. We liked these suggestions and will hopefully implement them into our project. Titan 21 night would bring in community members, students, and parents which would expand participation in writing letters. Titan Radio would make the student body aware of our project and hopefully lead them to get involved.